4 Ways to Optimize your IT Workflow

Four simple ways to optimize your workflow

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At Alpen Technology Group, we have the privilege to help many people with their everyday computer problems.  This has given us insight into how people use computers to get more done throughout the day.  Unfortunately, most people view computers as a fixed resource and do not take advantage of the wealth of customizable features available on computers today!

Below are four of the simplest ways to optimize your workflow!

  1. Task bar customization
  2. Keyboard Short Cuts
  3. Desktop Short Cuts & Bookmarks
  4. Customize your send to options

Customize The Task Bar

The task bar is the sometimes annoying menu bar that runs at the bottom of your screen though some crazy people prefer it at the top or on the side!  It is a highly underutilized feature as it provides a lot of customization that most people do not take advantage of!

While it comes with the file folder and windows store pinned as a default (Windows 10) you can pin your favorite and most used programs instead.  For most workstation set ups, we opt for productivity tools on the taskbar to make the end users work flow pretty seamless.  However, if you have items on the taskbar that you rarely use, and programs that you frequent often are not listed, your taskbar is in need of a major makeover!

Use Keyboard Short Cuts

To the uninitiated, keyboard short cuts are a game changer.  Below are five main shortcuts that will save you a significant amount of time if they become a natural part of your computer usage:

  • Say goodbye to needing to right click and select “copy” with this shortcut: Control/Command (Windows/Mac) + C
  • Say goodbye to needing to right click to paste copied text with this shortcut: Control/Command (Windows/Mac) + V
  • If you need to move text from one location to another, using the “cut” shortcut comes in handy: Control/Command (Windows/Mac) + X
  • Say goodbye to having to scroll through a menu to print with this Print shortcut: Control/Command (Windows/Mac) + P
  • Say goodbye to having to scroll through a menu to save with this shortcut: Control/Command (Windows/Mac) + S

Create Bookmarks & Desktop Shortcuts to Frequently Visited Sites

People tend to visit the same websites day to day.  Instead of wasting time having to type in the name of the website every time you open your browser, simply save it as a bookmark. For those that frequent tens or maybe hundreds of sites regularly, folders can be used to organize your bookmarks for even more efficient web browsing!

If you want to get fancy, you can even save a link to your favorite website directly to your desktop by following the steps below:

  1. Simply navigate to the website you would like to save as a shortcut, then copy the link.
  2. Then go to your desktop and right click the background.
  3. Navigate to the “New” option then select “Shortcut”
  4. Paste the URL of the website you would like to link to
  5. Name the Shortcut as you like

Customize your Send To Options

Organizing documents can be a hassle if one does not have the right document management system. Thankfully there is a way to significantly make moving around documents much faster and easier!

Right clicking on a document leads gives you access to a “send to” menu that is often useless.  I mean who still faxes in 2017!?

However, this “Send to” menu can be hijacked and customized to be very useful.  Imagine replacing the default options with folders that you actually use every day.  You can send a downloaded document or pdf straight to its appropriate folder.  You can send a document on your desktop straight to it’s appropriate departmental folder.  To do this, you would need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the run application (Windows + r or search for “run” in the search bar)
  2. Type in shell:sendto
  3. Delete the folders and/or shortcuts you do not need
  4. Right click and select “New”
  5. Select Shortcut
  6. Select Browse then choose a folder that you would like to add
  7. Repeat until key folders are added