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Vendor Management

By having Alpen Technology Group handle your Vendor management we will enable your organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle.

Alpen Technology Group’s vendor management research helps clients select the right vendors; categorize vendors to ensure the right contract, metrics and relationship; determine the ideal number of vendors; mitigate risk when using vendors; and establish a vendor management organization that best fits the organization.

Alpen Technology Group’s Vendor Management service we will be able to optimally develop, manage and control vendor contracts, relationships and performance for the efficient delivery of contracted products and services. This will help your organization meet business objectives, minimize potential business disruption, avoid deal and delivery failure, and ensure more sustainable multisourcing, while driving the most value from their vendors.

Alpen Technology Group’s Consultants will regularly assess short- and long-term financial, operational and compliance risk in the vendor portfolio. This helps your organization avoid being blindsided by a vendor’s financial, business continuity and/or performance failures.

Alpen Technology Group has four organizing principles that the leverage to manage vendors effectively:

  • Strategize and Plan: Define the structure, roles/responsibilities and resources to put a formal vendor management discipline in place and drive the right behaviors (product or service elements) to IT or business outcomes for all the collective third-party relationships.
  • Develop Governance: We establish an optimal process for making decisions and assigning decision rights related to vendor management. Agree on authority and flow for decision making. Implement and set up feedback mechanisms.
  • Execute: We ensure optimal management of the vendor contract life cycle and the commercial parts of the vendor relationship. Other responsibilities include managing and improving vendor performance, and monitoring and mitigating vendor risks.
  • Measure and Improve: We use assessment and industry data to track vendor management operations and success. Responsibilities include managing and improving vendor performance, and monitoring and mitigating vendor risks.
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