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Technology-related risk is pervasive in your business and effective strategies and solutions to manage technology risk have to be based on a holistic view of your business and the ability to understand your business operations, services, goals and objectives. Your technology can only be effective if it is properly aligned to meet your business needs and controlled to ensure security, reliability, and availability, as well as compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements. Alpen Technology Group’s Technology Risk Services are designed to provide our clients with pragmatic solutions that cost-effectively control the risk associated with technology use such as:

  1. a) Financial Process and Financial Reporting Risks – the risks that financial results are not accurate or not available when needed due to internal or external threats including cybersecurity.
  2. b) Business Process Risks – the risks that technology is not being leveraged effectively to meet business needs.
  3. c) Compliance Risks – the risks that technology is not being controlled to effectively comply with regulatory risks such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA, and FFIEC.
  4. d) Security and Privacy Risks – the risks that information assets and information fiduciary responsibilities will be compromised from internal and/or external threats.

We deliver a wide range of services to help our clients manage these risks. We have an outstanding team of credentialed professionals with the deep technical know-how and business savvy to understand your business strategy and goals. Our technology risk professionals have deep experience in accounting, financial, operational, and IT management, as well as back-office operations, and they understand the role technology plays in your business and the inherent risks it presents.

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