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Service Desk

The Alpen Technology Service Desk Consulting team’s goal is to proactively remediate issues before they become a critical business issue. Each customer is provided with a customer-specific dedicated team to take care of their needs, 24x7x365. Our Consultants own the call resolution process from start to closure, escalating problems as needed to meet service level objectives. Our extensive experience supporting hardware and software products provide a unique platform for our team to deliver. Our Consultants are advanced technical resources within the Alpen Technology Group’s family and help to ensure the IT systems within your organization remain operational when you need them most.

  • Enhance business agility. Alpen Technology Group’s Service Desk is a fully managed service offering that scales to your business. Capacity is easily deployable on-demand without installation or upgrade of hardware, software and infrastructure.

Our Service Desk Consulting Team (the brain of our Service Desk offering) is not a traditional help desk or call center… it is the single point of contact for the services we offer. The calls received are dynamic and technical, requiring problem identification and remediation.

By using the best secure remote control applications available, the Service Desk Consulting team can simultaneously access a workstation or server to resolve issues, monitor status and troubleshoot problems allowing your staff to return to work as soon as possible.  Every remote control session is logged and a screen shot of the session is captured to ensure complete client satisfaction and accountability.

Our full ticket management system allows easy access to client portals which allows us to track issues and keep you updated until the issue has been resolved.  Alpen Technology Group’s Service Desk services act as an extension of your support strategy with Service Level Agreements allowing you to focus on your core business competencies.

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