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Remote Monitoring Services

Here at Alpen Technology Group, we understand that when a critical device on your network goes down, the loss of productivity effects your entire organization and your bottom line.

Our remote services allow us to monitor your network infrastructure 24/7 and to predict, identify, and fix problems when they occur, quickly and efficiently.  Alpen Technology Group will be able to foresee and prevent downtime by receiving daily status reports on the health of your organizations systems.  Additionally, we will receive instant notifications about any issue or necessary repairs that are discovered during the diagnostics.  These status updates in real time will allow Alpen Technology Group to ensure your organization has maximum uptime.

Alpen Technology Group’s 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service provides you with peace of mind.

From your Internet connectivity to your firewalls, email, web and file servers, Alpen Technology Group  proactively keeps an eye on your entire network to ensure that key infrastructure components are operating reliably.  We configure thresholds for each device and an intuitive dashboard provides an at-a-glance status of each device being monitored. Remote Management Services provides your organization with a level of IT support previously only available to large enterprise organizations.

Alpen Technology Group’s Remote Monitoring Service Provides:

5 Features of Effective Remote Monitoring

  1. Network and Server Monitoring:   The proactive monitoring that Alpen Technology Group promotes helps ensure that all of your servers and network devices are operating at peak performance — 100% of the time. In addition to this, it allows Alpen Technology Group to fix IT issues without disrupting end users and automate corrective actions to minimize downtime.
  2. Patch management: With so many third party programs to install, track and update, your risk of system performance issues are significantly heightened if you do not have an efficient solution in place to automate the process. Our patch management service helps keep software secure and up-to-date with regular updates and automated scans.
  3. Asset tracking: It is important for you to have a clear view of every machine on your network, including an inventory of installed software, authorized users and configured hardware. Alpen Technology Group provides Asset Tracking to simplify the change management process and help execute software upgrades and hardware resets more efficiently.
  4. Web protection: With Alpen Technology Group web protection, it is simple to block malicious websites, control bandwidth usage and keep your customers’ businesses safe from security breaches. You can receive real time alerts of suspicious activity, possible breaches and excessive bandwidth usage.
  5. Antivirus:  From a central point of control, you can configure Alpen Technology Group’s antivirus on all of your workstations and servers, determine scan schedules, and quarantine threat notifications.

Without effective remote monitoring and management, your organization is at a higher risk for security threats, lost data, and network interruptions that can cost you significant time and money.

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