Proactive Infrastructure Management Sacramento

Proactive Infrastructure Management

IT security and management doesn’t need to be complicated, costly and time-consuming. With Alpen Technology Group Services, small and medium sized business can benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based solution. Alpen Technology Group is able to protect entire IT environments – and the workforce depending on them – at any time, from anywhere.  It’s time to take control of Infrastructure management.

It is critical that IT Admins have up-to-the-minute information on servers, PCs and Laptops they are responsible for protecting.  Any small issue can snowball into a serious threat if it is overlooked or not visible, which is why Alpen Technology Group Proactive Infrastructure Management Service is essential to your organization’s IT health.

So, what will make you sleep better at night?  Here are two KEY factors that allows Alpen Technology Group solution set is self apart from the rest.

  1. Ability to take instant (and remote) action

Knowing the status of the network is a start, but just knowing about issues is not enough.  The ability for Alpen Technology Group’s consultants to take corrective action before your organization is effected by the issue is essential.  Alpen Technology Group will install an agent on every device, which will allow us to control updates and fixes from a central console and not impact the organizations end user.  This solution allows Alpen Technology Group to customize the corrective action specific to your infrastructure.  We can configure automated tasks to start as soon as we receive an alert on a potential issue, thus allowing things to run even smoother on your infrastructure.

  1. Understanding what’s happened previously

Historical data on past problems can solve new issues much faster. This is particularly important when there are several technicians looking after the same users. All networks eventually start to develop their own issues. It makes sense to have a system with strong reporting capabilities so continuity is more easily maintained. If you can identify a problem as it arises, you have the opportunity to address it before users even notice.

Alpen Technology Group’s proactive infrastructure management is hassle-free yet flexible.   We can have your solution complete with essential services and policies customized for your unique IT infrastructure in minutes! If you can identify a problem as it arises, Alpen Technology Group will have the ability to address it before users even notice.  Our simple and flexible solution allows for on demand configuration to meet the ever changing technological needs of businesses today.

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