Network Administration Sacramento

Network Administration

As your organization has to add components, devices, or even other networks, to your organizations’ network, it’s never as easy as it seems.  Alpen Technology Group can assist you with the sticking points that continually occur when you are trying to integrate newer technology to legacy technology, or integrating components with different operating systems, or even disparate types of networks together.  Our experienced and knowledgeable team is there to make that happen correctly, efficiently, and within your budget.  Our Consulting team is well-versed in the multiple systems and versions of technology that organizations utilize so that we can assist your team through any issues that they may have.  We can also handle your integration projects from start to finish so that you can maximize your internal resources on other projects that may need their attention.

With Cisco and Microsoft certified consultants, Alpen Technology Group will be able to design a network that will not only meet your business needs today, but will also be scalable, flexible and reliable to meet the ever changing needs of your business.

At Alpen Technology Group, we take the time to understand your organization’s business vision and strategy so that we can design a network that will meet your business needs.  This process is very different than that of most other IT companies.  Here at Alpen we believe every project is a business project that has an IT Component. Putting your business needs first will allow us to implement the optimal solution for your organization.

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