Dedicated Consultants Sacramento

Dedicated Consultants

We view every client as a collaborative, long-term partner. Alpen Technology Group is committed to providing each of our partners with continual support as needed to help set the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.  With the expert advice of our consultants, our clients are able to develop effective solutions for their unique problems.

Be it a Network Architect, Systems Administrator or Desktop Technician, we have consultants that specialize in solving the unique issues affecting your organization and end users.

Dedicated Consultants

Efficient and streamlined operational performance is essential to providing the best service to your organization. Consultants help your organization achieve higher levels of performance by analyzing and improving IT processes, procedures and the IT Infrastructure. Whether you are trying to reduce cost or increase staff productivity, consultants can help find areas of improvement and develop project plans to take your IT state to the next level.

Benefits of Your Consultant

Each organization receives a dedicated consultant who has worked within IT and brings a strong foundation of IT, business knowledge, and product expertise. Consultants work closely with your administrators to educate, support, implement, and train various members of the organization. Your consultant will not only help you with questions on the Alpen Technology Groups services but can share best practices from the industry we work with to help you improve anything from departmental processes, IT development, assessment, and more.

Additional Benefits Include:

Single Point of Contact: Alpen Technology Group assigns you a dedicated consultant who is your main point of contact. This method allows for consistency of consulting and someone who has an in-depth understanding of your organization. Consultants are available via phone, email, webinars, or through on-site visits.

IT and Industry Knowledge: Our Consultants have a wealth of knowledge regarding IT and training, and direct access to a variety of specialized experts within Alpen Technology Group. They will also share best practices from your organization industry.

Custom Solutions and Consultations: You and your consultant work together to create a custom plan, for implementation, training, policies and support, to ensure a successful partnership. Take advantage of them for:

  • organizational wide technical training
  • IT process improvement ideas
  • Personalized service with proactive support
  • Insight on best practice
  • reviews focused on improving business strategy

Project Management: You don’t have to scope out everything at once. Work with your consultant to migrate processes, systems, and software as time and personnel allow.

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