IT Solutions for Non-Profits

Bridging the gap for non-profit organizations

At Alpen Technology Group, we have worked with many non-profit organizations to deploy technology solutions that make the most of their budgets and give them the best ROI. Our goal is to help our non-profit clients improve their operations, so that they can focus on what is really important – raising awareness and resources for their mission.

For these clients, Alpen Technology Group  has completed virtual environments that make the most of their current IT assets and hardware, while keeping their infrastructure, software and programs up-to-date; managed IT services as a cost effective way to maintain their infrastructure and give them access to technical subject matter experts, so they can focus on more strategic organization projects; digital marketing and SEO services to professionally present their cause and be found by a larger audience.

Understanding Unique Challenges

Today, non-profit organizations face challenges they’ve never seen before. The competition for donations has increased exponentially. Government support is on the decline. They are at the mercy of changing expectations, increased scrutiny, greater accountability, growing demand for services, overwhelmed donors, and a host of other issues during these uncertain times.

For the greatest chance of accomplishing their mission, non-profits must leverage technology in the most impactful way possible. To help bring about the most positive benefits for our non-profit customers, we bridge the gap between vision and performance. We help our non-profit customers operate at peak IT efficiency so they can focus their energies on achieving their mission.

Providing Tailored Solutions

Alpen Technology Group brings its infrastructure outsourcing services best practices into non-profit operations. We focus on better execution of IT strategies that result in real, measurable performance. In other words, our goal is to help non-profits enhance their operations so their organizational performance serves their overall mission. We have the experience, know-how and technology to help nonprofits accomplish the required performance. More specifically, our infrastructure outsourcing services help our non-profit customers:

  • Measure performance and establish continuous improvement plans
  • Analyze difficult tradeoffs and competing priorities
  • Interact effectively with target donors
  • Reduce back-office expenses
  • Leverage statistical and quantitative data regarding their constituencies
  • Improve capacity and capabilities for current and future demand
  • Enhance processes and systems for greater transparency and accountability
  • Optimize aging technology

Improving your community and our world requires your organization to be as efficient and effective as possible. We offer a number of strategies to help non-profits access and leverage today’s technology with reduced capital expenses and cost-effective operating strategies. Whether it’s by leveraging your existing infrastructure or upgrading your systems in one of our state-of-the-art data centers, we can help you with data storage and retrieval, fund-raising systems, communications initiatives, all while taking the burden of IT off your hands so you can focus on the activities that are critical to your constituents and your mission.

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