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Technology Virtualization

Businesses are moving towards virtualization technology as a way to capitalize on server utilization and considerably diminish the number of systems they have to support and manage. With decades of experience in managing, optimizing, securing, and supporting intricate, mission-critical data center environments for top businesses, Alpen Technology Group’s server consultants are inimitably fit to  evaluate, design, execute and support the right virtualization solution to meet your IT requirements and business goals. We take a holistic view of an Organization’s environment and support the complete virtualization technology life cycle including: planning, valuations, design, operation, management, training, and support.

Our Virtualization Consulting Services

Analyze and Assess

We don’t coerce businesses to adopt virtualization just like that. We conduct a thorough analysis of your work environment to determine whether virtualization will work for you. Our consultants works closely with each client to scrutinize their existing IT environment and talk over their business needs and technical objectives to decide whether it makes sense to leverage the virtualization technology. In this phase, we inspect and report on existing performance data including operation rates and current server capacities. We also create a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison chart which includes infrastructure expenses for storage, servers, networking, power, cooling, setup expenses for administration, provisioning, other outlays for software licensing, plan, design, deployment and management and management.

Design and Architect

Alpen Technology Group has years of experience in managing system integration. Thus, our consultants can create bespoke end on virtualization solutions that echoe the exclusive requests recognized in the business requirements phase. In order to transform the clients’ business needs into an efficacious architecture; we offer a comprehensive project plan that sketches the explicit servers to be virtualized and the complete strategy of the new environment. Design and architecture is focused on some specific servers, network and storage, infrastructure for consolidation and/or control, which is then reiterated for the targeted infrastructure for virtualization.


Alpen Technology Group’s team will work closely with customers to proficiently check, authenticate, configure, execute, and incorporate new infrastructure.  Our team will also work to transform physical machines to virtual machines and combine several virtual servers into a sole physical server. We implement rollout plans, conduct information transfers, and help company IT admins in post setup stage. We also confirm that the recently provided infrastructure meets the performance norms recognized in the architect and design stage, by observing and fine-tuning for performance as essential. Lastly, the whole task is recognized as a process guide, which guides us in delivering future management and support.


Alpen Technology Group has the capability and experience to offer various levels of modified operative support that blends with your current workforce and capabilities. We have skilled consultants with expertise in virtualization, and associated technologies that can seam your team or can be delivered as a provisional resource for sustaining and managing your virtual environment.

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