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Define Your Risk Profile—Stay Ahead of Security Breaches

A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is a critical tool for understanding the various threats to your IT systems, determining the level of risk these systems are exposed to, and recommending the appropriate level of protection.

If you are adding new applications or systems to your environment, making modifications to your existing Information Technology environment, or sharing information with new external entities, then you should perform a TRA on the new components to ensure that you are not introducing new risks. Periodic TRAs on existing environments are required, since the threat landscape continually changes and so do the vulnerabilities in your environment.

Threat and Risk Assessment Service

Working with Alpen Technology Group, organizations will be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the level of risk to their critical assets. Above Security TRAs provide actionable safeguards that anticipate and counter potential threats.

An Alpen Technology Group TRA provides the foundation for a risk management program. Assessments ensure that appropriate and reasonable methods are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of stored, processed, or electronically transmitted information. Alpen Technology Group performs numerous TRAs annually and works with a wide variety of systems, applications, and security classifications which provides the breadth and depth of experience to do a thorough assessment.


Alpen Technology Group’s TRA services protect your business and provide many benefits, including :

  • Enhanced Security Posture—Improve your organization’s security posture by providing actionable recommendations to address existing vulnerabilities
  • Increased Awareness—Make informed decisions about how to manage risks; target spending, prevent impacts, and manage risks to an acceptable level
  • Prioritized IT Requirements—Prioritize your IT security requirements to focus your investment in IT security where it will have the greatest impact
  • Comprehensive Reporting—Receive detailed reports that address your specific risks, giving you a clear plan-of-action to improve the security of your information systems
  • Ensure Proactive Risk Management—Gain deeper knowledge of your vulnerabilities and the threats that can exploit them
  • Improved Compliance—Demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates

Why Alpen Technology Group?

  • Standards— Alpen Technology Group uses a proven methodology (Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment) and industry accepted security control standards (ISO2700x)
  • Customization—Each organization is different and Alpen Technology Group rity reflects this by developing Injury Tables (used to assess impact) specific to the risk tolerance of your organization
  • Collaborative Approach— Alpen Technology Group works with you to:
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the system under assessment
  • Create assessment metrics that are right for your organization
  • Assign meaningful values to assets
  • Identify threats that are specific to your industry or application
  • Make risk mitigation recommendations that will work for you
  • Concise Reporting—Assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks are clearly documented and the security control recommendations are linked directly to the risk they mitigate
  • Experienced Practitioners— Alpen Technology Group‘s staff has assessed a wide variety of classified systems for both public and private enterprises
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