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Why should your organization undergo a periodic network assessment when everything appears to be working fine?  Every business decision or action has a reaction, and a network assessment identifies the challenge and risks at work in your business.  For instance, are your employees using their own mobile devices to conduct business?  Are they downloading questionable software?  Are mission critical business processes running on vulnerable servers?

Alpen Technology Group Network Assessment will help you fully understand the vulnerabilities on your network, whether a public facing, serving your customers or a third-party supplier interface into your corporate CRM. Our network assessment goes beyond a collection of automated tests and delves much deeper into application logic and security controls, giving you peace of mind and not just a compliance check mark.

During the Network Assessment, Alpen Technology Group will:

  • Scope the Project: Understand the business intent of the application(s), understand the potential threats, and define the testing approach and the environment to be assessed.
  • Perform the Intelligence Gathering: Determine what is known about the network/application(s) or company that can be used during testing.
  • Map the Network: Understand the network, directory structure, naming conventions, application size, and type of technology used to serve your business.
  • Analyze the Network to determine vulnerabilities: Understand security control points, user session management, data entry points, and error messages.
  • Test the technical vulnerabilities: Test the client side controls, authentication mechanisms, session management, access controls, input validation, logic flaws, infrastructure weaknesses, and application server weaknesses.
  • Deliver the Report: Include identified vulnerabilities, prioritized according to their relative impact to your business with recommendations for remediation.

The fundamental components of an Alpen Technology Group’s Network Assessment go beyond a measurement against industry frameworks. We identify the feasibility of exploiting vulnerabilities, the impact on success, and how to reduce risk to acceptable business levels. All of this is provided in a flexible reporting structure that is tailored to your specific requirements.


Network Assessment Services from Alpen Technology Group protects your business and provides many benefits, including:

Priority-based Auditing and Remediation—Vulnerability, severity, and asset criticality information are combined to identify, rank, and address applications in the context of your business needs.

Audit Compliance—Ensure you are compliant with customer and shareholder requirements, regulations, and standards. We can help you comply with major regulations, such as SOX, PCI, NERC/ CIP, SAS70/SSAE16, HIPAA, and ISO.

Meaningful Reporting—We categorize your assessment results’ threat level, business risk, and affected assets and provide technical narratives to assist remediation efforts, not an automated or generic report.

Improved Risk Posture—Decrease security risk exposure related to applications and reduce potential financial loss through fraud, hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees.

Enhance the Software Development Lifecycle—Root cause and systemic issues are identified to support future application development initiatives to ensure vulnerabilities are not built into your applications.

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