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Document Management Implementations

Implementing a document management system does not have to be a long drawn out process.  There is but one rule that governs a successful document management implementation – The easier the better.

A document management platform needs to be an easy-to-use tool and not a burden on end-users and the budget.  It should never be more complicated than it needs to be.  A document management system does not need to be hard or expensive to be an efficient solution.

Implementing document management requires detail oriented people to analyze the documents and the flow.  What makes a partnership important is that even the most detail oriented Alpen Technology Consultants who act as document detectives will not find all the answers prior to implementing your system.  Once the system is being prototyped, the remaining details tend to emerge. By creating a true partnership with your organization, Alpen Technology Group Consultants can not only anticipate business needs, but also work with you to make sure that the end result provides real benefits to your organization, not just an implementation of the latest technologies.

Alpen Technology Group will not only learn your business, but they respond as if it is their own.  This means that your implementation takes into account not just the way you do things today, but the various ways that you could enhance your document management strategy.  Again, we’ve seen this over and over.  Organizations follow procedures, sometimes unofficial rules, which have been in place for a long time.  While the original reason for the procedures may have been long forgotten, the practices are still there.  Many times the original reason is not even valid any more!

When you have a partnership with Alpen Technology Group, they not only find out what your current processes are, but they also look for ways to improve your processes and thus improve your efficiency.

Alpen Technology Group Consultants will ask many of the following document management questions:

  • What is the document?
  • Who needs to see the document?
  • What do you need to see on any given document?
  • How do you find the documents?
  • What other documents is this document related to?
  • Does staff need to access other documents or systems when they look at this document?
  • How is the document used?
  • Does the document need to be approved?
  • Does the document cause something to happen in the organization?
  • How often is the document accessed?
  • Does the document have a life cycle?

Typically, staff just does not think this way about documents.  When asked, they will answer specific questions.  This is one place where our consultants can truly make a difference.  By asking not only the initial questions, but by following up with enough detailed questions, a document map can be established that shows where a document fits in the organization.  It’s this detailed map that is used to create the storage structure, the retrieval paths, links to other documents or systems, the routing and approval paths, and even the retention schedule.

This specialized insight into document management is one of the many services provided by Alpen Technology Group.

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