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CRM System Implementations

When we design a CRM to meet a business’s needs, we start from the bottom to help you work your way up. First, we define your business’s processes. Then we integrate that process into your CRM software. When we implement your CRM, we stay in constant contact with you, making sure it’s seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

Alpen Technology Group’s consultants dig deep into your business to understand it from the bottom on up. And who better to talk to than your own staff?  We schedule a series of meetings with different groups of people in your business to learn what makes your business tick and how we can make it work better. Then we roll up our sleeves and design it to make it work better, leveraging industry best practices that we acquire and develop because we do this over and over.

Our Roadmap:

We start by discussing your business goals and then analyzing your key customer-facing business functions. We essentially do a gap analysis: where are you today, where do you want to be (goals) and what needs to be put in place to close the gap?

Then we create a roadmap on how to roll out your CRM, including identifying any other key business functions that need to be revamped or amplified.

For example, we could put CRM in place to support customer service, but if your customer service processes are disconnected in the first place, that won’t help. Our roadmap will outline these types of gaps that the business needs to work on.

In many cases, we act as business process improvement facilitators and will help you create a better business process first!

Alpen Technology Groups CRM Implementation Process Includes:

  • Flowing out your customer-centric business processes to make sure you have an optimized common process with a common nomenclature.
  • Designing and customizing your CRM to support those processes, including everything from minor screen changes, to new reports, portal pages and more.
  • Integration with other systems. Your CRM doesn’t stand alone! Most of the benefit is achieved when you integrate your CRM to your other systems. We build those ongoing interfaces, too.
  • Data consolidation. It’s likely you aren’t starting from scratch with customer data. We will design your process for initially consolidating, de-duplicating, and loading CRM with that customer data that you likely have stored in multiple places right now.
  • Mobile capability. We can’t say enough about mobile. It’s a critical part of your success. We will walk you through your mobile options and implement the best solution for you.
  • Training!We craft a training approach based on your culture and our years of experience. Then we train your CRM users and support them as they Go Live!
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