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Moving to the cloud isn’t just about moving workloads and updating applications. Done right, it’s about re-coding your business DNA.

Cloud Migration

Migrating a single application to the cloud can seem simple. Sometimes it is. But more often, that application’s function is tied to multiple business processes and dependencies. It may impact your vendors, your balance sheet, and your regulatory compliance.

Moreover, a simple “lift-and-shift” approach to moving your applications to the cloud often bypasses the key benefits associated with the cloud—cost savings, scalability, increased speed and flexibility.

When you’re contemplating a cloud migration of 100 or 1,000 applications, the missed opportunities and potential pitfalls can pile up.-coding your business DNA. That’s why you need an Alpen Technology Group migration advisor who understands your business.

Cloud migration involves a very complex set of distributed activities that need to be managed crisply and at speed. We help increase speed, quality, and savings by providing a complete and integrated tool chain from discovery through planning and workload migration. Automated tools for workload migration are supplemented with extensive teams of code migration specialists to modify or re-architect applications as required.

Our cloud migration offering encompasses three capabilities

  • Package Transition and Migration Services: Business process redesign, technology architecture, and engineering services to support a package upgrade or migration between hosting solutions (on-premise to cloud, or cloud to cloud).
  • Custom Transition and Migration Services: Workload migration planning, execution, and management services to support the transition of custom solutions between hosting environments.
  • Cloud Application Modernization: Application analysis, architecture design, and modification or refactoring services to optimize an application’s transition to the cloud.
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