How Well Do You Understand Your Infrastructure?

How Well Do You Understand Your Infrastructure?

You obviously understand your systems, so to you this may seem like a silly question.

But in reality, it’s not, because knowing your infrastructure is key to improving productivity, reducing costs and securing your IT assets from cybercriminals. It’s also the key to understanding what you should do to meet the dynamic changes of your business environment.

In fact, there are some specific areas that you should focus on to get a better understanding of your infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Many companies are now opting for cloud services in one form or another. But, it’s important to stay on top of what cloud services you’re using, how much you’re paying, and more importantly, how it’s making a difference to your company in terms of performance and costs.

Sometimes, you may use cloud services for a temporary project while at others, you may be using a hybrid structure where parts of your operations are in the cloud whereas the rest are on-site. If you’ve been using cloud for a temporary project, it’s important to check if this service is disconnected or whether you’re still paying for it. In the case of a hybrid setup, stay on top of your usage and how it’s benefiting your company.

Understand these different services and see if you can consolidate them for better tracking and cost-saving.

Asset Management

Another time-consuming but essential aspect is asset management. Over the last few years, this asset management has gained greater significance because of the growing use of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) environments.

Also, the explosive growth of hardware has made asset management all the more relevant today.

In general, asset management helps you to plan for the future, track your hardware and software life cycles, comply with different industry standards and protect your business from unauthorized access and other security threats.

Therefore, knowing what hardware and software you use and the management of the same is important for your business.


Much of the security breaches happen through your networks or through some flaws in your infrastructure. To prevent such mishaps and to provide the best possible protection for your business, understanding the network and its security aspects is vital.

In addition, you also need to know your software and if it has the latest security patches and updates. This way, you can avoid many of the security flaws that can lead to a possible breach.

Mobile Apps and Devices

One of the often overlooked aspects of infrastructure is mobile devices and apps. If an employee in your Sacramento office is using your infrastructure to download or access any app, you should absolutely know about it.

With so many apps around today, it’s hard to identify which is malicious and which is not. There have been instances where mobile apps have been used to track users’ passwords, GPS location and more. Using this information, culprits have been able to glean important data from businesses.

To avoid all these problems, you need to understand your infrastructure and how it contributes to these security breaches. With such an understanding, you can create a plan to better manage your mobile users.

Setting up Monitoring Solutions

In today’s world of cybercriminals and breaches, having a sound monitoring system on networks, users, and applications is critical to your business. Again, to set up these monitors, you need to know your infrastructure, so you can set them up at the right points.

If all this sounds overwhelming and you think you don’t have the resources to understand and manage your infrastructure, you can consider outsourcing to a Managed IT services provider like Alpen Technology Group. They are experts in this field and can manage everything for you, so you can focus on your core business.