Challenges of Recruiting in the Digital Age

Challenges of Recruiting in the Digital Age

Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the top challenges for any company in today’s digital world.

Emergence of vast amounts of data and the technology to process it, has transformed every aspect of business including recruitment. The process of recruitment has been redefined in every sense, and today, it is more elaborate and tech-savvy than ever before.

So, what are the challenges for HR professionals today?

Data, data everywhere

Firstly, the availability of vast amounts of information helps potential candidates to decide if the company or the position is right for them. They can gather information about the company from public records, stock prices, reviews from others, the company’s website and most importantly, the social media.

All this means, companies have to work around the clock and maybe even more to maintain a positive image in the digital world and to increase its chances of attracting the right candidates. In many cases, this requires a dedicated team of professionals and it’s even become a common practice to have a dedicated PR and social media team to handle this brand reputation.

Multiple advertisement platforms

Another unique aspect of recruiting today is the need to use different platforms to advertise jobs.

You’ll have to use multiple job boards, social media, and freelance sites to attract the right talent. All this means, you’ll have to implement SEO in job listings to ensure they are found when candidates use specific keywords in their search process.

To optimize for SEO, the job posting should use relevant keywords like qualifications, title, position, location, and experience so that the search results display the job posting when potential candidates use the related search terms. Industry or job-specific keywords that describe the technical aspects of the position should also be included for the technical audience who are searching for a niche job. This may also be a good time for the local SEO company to provide value-based and interesting articles that link back to their careers page. As people exchange these articles on forums and social media, there is a higher chance for interested job-seekers to visit the careers page of the company’s website.

With any SEO strategy comes the need for research. The HR personnel should have a set of keywords for each position and an analysis strategy with the target audience in mind. This will make the recruitment process a lot smoother and less time-consuming.

Diverse expectations

Let’s face it. No more 9 to 5 desk jobs. Instead what we have today is a workforce that wants to have flexi work places, so they can better balance their personal and professional life. Freelancing is becoming a way of life as people can log into the work system from practically any location in the world. For example, if you’re located in Sacramento, you don’t necessarily have to be confined to the talent in your city. Rather, you can scour through the entire world to find the talent that best fits your needs.

Though this is good in a way as it gives you access to a worldwide pool of resources, it also comes with its own unique problems. You need to understand the expectations of a young workforce. More importantly, your work infrastructure should be geared to accommodate these expectations.

In short, recruiting in this digital age is way more than what meets the eye. An easy and cost-efficient way to check off your checklist for tech talent, is to work with a Tech consulting company like Alpen Technology Group. They provide technological experts that can meet your organization’s technological needs without the recruiting headache!