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Managed IT Services firm Alpen Technology Group partners with IT Project Management consulting firm KAI Partners, Inc.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. It is with great pleasure that information technology consulting firm and IT service provider Alpen Technology Group announces its strategic partnership with Sacramento-based IT project management consulting firm KAI Partners, Inc. This strategic partnership brings together Alpen Technology Group’s capabilities in providing best-in-class managed IT services and IT project management and support with KAI […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Your Operational Efficiency Do you think your business is running efficiently? Are you generating the best possible return from your business? Honestly, not even the best companies in the world can answer yes to both these questions because there’s always room for improvement. As technology and business expectations evolve, your organization […]

How Well Do You Understand Your Infrastructure?

How Well Do You Understand Your Infrastructure? You obviously understand your systems, so to you this may seem like a silly question. But in reality, it’s not, because knowing your infrastructure is key to improving productivity, reducing costs and securing your IT assets from cybercriminals. It’s also the key to understanding what you should do […]

How is technology managed as a Lean Startup?

How is Technology Managed as a Lean Startup? In the age of high startup costs and tight purse-strings, startup and operating capital come at a premium; so today we’re going to talk about the concept of the “Lean Startup”. The concept of a lean startup has been floating around the technology community for a while […]

Custom Solutions the Way Forward

Are Custom Solutions the Way Forward? Every business today is grappling with increasing costs, savvy customers who have strong preferences and expectations, and an extremely competitive environment. These challenges make it imperative for you to come up with innovative ways that’ll give you an edge over your competitions and at the same time, capture the […]

Challenges of Recruiting in the Digital Age

Challenges of Recruiting in the Digital Age Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the top challenges for any company in today’s digital world. Emergence of vast amounts of data and the technology to process it, has transformed every aspect of business including recruitment. The process of recruitment has been redefined in every sense, and […]

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment A Security Risk Assessment is an on-going process of discovering, addressing and preventing an organization’s security problems.  With the digitization of businesses and the standardization of cloud computing, a Security Risk Assessment is a must for businesses today.  This amplifies the responsibility that IT departments and IT vendors play in […]