5 Tips On Improving Your IT Team’s Efficiency

5 Tips On Improving Your IT Team’s Efficiency

In what way can the productivity of a team be improved upon? Can IT executives help with this? This article has some tips that can help project managers and other experts manage their IT services with more efficiency.  Here in Sacramento, these are some of the guidelines that have worked for us!

  1. Set targets

Setting goals is good but it’s just one side of the puzzle. Being agile with your set goals is of utmost importance. You can’t reach your goals without agility.  You need to set goals as a team and divide the labor into small work chunks then assign them to each team member.

  1. Communicate goals, prospects, and roles early

The targets of every project etc. should be made known to every team member. Everyone should know what to expect at the end.  Effective communication can help increase the efficiency of IT services.

Every team member should be crystal clear on the part he/she is to play in any project etc. and how their contribution will help the team reach its goal. Organization comes when every member of the team accurately comprehends their role.

  1. Invest in collaboration and efficiency

Fundamentally, this is the most important rule every IT manager should abide by.  How effective a team is, depend on the resources and systems in their possession, the more you invest in proper tools the more effective your team will be.

It is essential to provide the tools and build infrastructure that is optimized for efficiency.  The effects reverberate across all teams when properly implemented and problems can be tackled in less time. This technique helps companies be more productive across the board.

Communication is a must especially when working across branch offices, so resources that make communication efficient is a necessity.  IT managers should be able to share project standing reports through cloud document systems that allow for easy access and information exchange. A platform that allows team members to sync important work files anywhere and anytime will help a lot with increasing efficiency.  Depending on the nature of the organization as well as the size, this can take the form of a cloud file server or a business Drop Box account.  A workflow assessment is necessary to ensure you select the right tools.

  1. Streamline Workflow and cut unnecessary tasks

Want to improve workflow efficiency?  Think Lean.  At Alpen Technology Group, we constantly review our procedures.  Should any irrelevant step be found, it is eliminated as it adds no value. Using the principles of the lean philosophy, anything that adds no value is eliminated.

Take a closer look at your team’s activities such as status reports, emails, and meetings and ask yourself.  Are they really necessary?

Some engagements might have been important at one point, but it is possible that their use is outdated.  Can it be simplified or eliminated? Collaborate with your team and see how to remove irrelevant activities or steps. Optimize your IT workflow to increase your team’s efficiency.

  1. Stay in sync with your team

A cohesive team is an important part of any organization.  It is very important that everyone is on the same page.  Providing an avenue that allows you to communicate the big picture of the goal at hand will go a long way in building this cohesion as it encourages each team member to collaborate.

Equally important is acknowledging the contribution of the team.  Providing them the opportunity to share their ideas and provide feedback will provide you with priceless information as well make them feel valued and respected.  As long as the principles remain the same, the outcome won’t change if staying in sync takes the form of a traditional team meeting, a bi-weekly dinner or a Slack group session.  A cohesive team is a successful team!